The mayor of Bogotá Claudia López is officially welcoming the indigenous Minga at the Palacio de los Deportes, where they will be housed during their stay in the capital.

Officials from various entities are available at the site: health, mobility, security so that indigenous people have all the attention they require not only for their mobilization but also for health care in the framework of the COVID pandemic. All the procedures that they want to do in traditional medicine and in the appropriate spaces will be respected. There will be an ancestral care area.

“This is a minga and they have their traditions and that is raw,” said López. There will also be representatives of various indigenous communities and they will be mediators during your stay.

There are batteries ready for hand washing.


Bogota City Hall

The Aqueduct of Bogotá will be in charge of supplying drinking water to visitors during the time they are in the Palacio de los Deportes as well as parking spaces enabled for the cars in which they are being transported. The PMU will handle accessibility, security, mobility and health.

The arrival of the entourage will be through the NQS, passing through 63rd street, to the Campín parking lot. The route of the demonstration is not confirmed, but it would be by Carrera 50, passing through Calle 26 to Plaza de Bolívar.


This is the conditioned camp to receive the minga.


Bogota City Hall

It must be remembered that this decision was made after strong pronouncements not only from the local president but also from the government secretary Luis Ernesto Gómez.
“It seemed better to us to receive the minga in agreement with the National Government, as a gesture to ease tensions. They did not want. @Bogota will take charge, receive them and, as always, will agree with social organizations, guarantees for their peaceful mobilization, “the president wrote on Twitter.

In the same sense, the Secretary of Government spoke: “Public space will always be guaranteed to exercise the rights to protest, and the best way for the protest to be peaceful and guaranteed is to coordinate with whoever organizes it.”

For his part, Hermes Pete, senior counselor of the Cauca Regional Indigenous Council (Cric), said that they will continue walking “and showing the country that we are not violent.” He also stressed that they have not been infiltrated by dissidents from the extinct FARC.
They have not been complicated by food, they are very cautious. Hermes Pete said that the food “is provided by us, it comes from our farms and in each city and municipality the citizens give us gifts.” The leaders of the Minga affirm that there is no fear of covid-19, since that disease is attacked with the help of ancestral doctors and medicinal plants.


The mayor of Bogotá Claudia López will give the official welcome to the indigenous minga today at 11 am.


Bogota City Hall

“We marched to Bogotá to leave a political message to the country and the world, and that is that in Colombia there is a bloodshed that has not stopped since April 9, 1948,” said an indigenous man from the north of the Valley, adding that the figures of the In recent years, they speak of the murders of peasants, indigenous people, Afro, human rights defenders and even reincorporated people who signed the peace agreement.

In addition to peasant movements from southwestern Colombia, the caravan includes ethnic groups from the Cauca department such as the Páez, Totoró, Nasa, Yanacona, Misak, Guambiano, Coconuco, Kisú, Polindara, Antiule and the Ingas of Piedmont, one of the most important municipalities. out of that region.

For now it is known that the Minga is already arriving in Soacha and that it will soon arrive in the capital.

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The Palacio de los Deportes will host the minga in Bogotá.

These are the brave people who put their brains on the protests in Bogotá.


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