Indomaret 2022 Franchise Terms and Prices and How to Register

JAKARTA, – Franchise business is now a fairly popular business scheme in Indonesia. One of the businesses that open partnerships through a franchise system is Indomaret. What is the price Indomaret franchise and what are the conditions?

Indomaret Franchise can be an attractive business option. This is because the modern retail business is still needed and profitable for investors.

Minimarkets like Indomaret are very common in the community and easy to find. Currently, people tend to buy daily necessities at the nearest minimarket. Therefore, it is not surprising that minimarkets are close to each other.

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Indomaret itself is a minimarket network that provides basic and daily needs. This subsidiary of the Salim Group has started to open a partnership (Indomaret franchise) for the wider community since 1997.

This franchise pattern (the Indomaret franchise) is offered after Indomaret has proven to be healthy by having more than 700 outlets, which are supported by a good business system and format.

This long proven experience has received a positive response from the public, as can be seen from the sharp increase in the number of outlets Indomaret franchise. Indomaret’s uncomplicated franchise program has proven to be acceptable to the public.

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Quoted from the official website, the number of Indomaret outlets in March 2022 reached 19,891 outlets. Most of the merchandise supply for all outlets comes from Indomaret’s 42 distribution centers which provide more than 5,000 types of products.

Currently, Indomaret’s presence is further strengthened by the presence of Indogrosir, a subsidiary with the wholesale business concept.

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Well, for those of you who are interested in getting started Indomaret franchise businesssee some of the following terms and conditions.

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Indomaret franchise terms

Before following how to register Indomaret businessit is better to prepare the terms of opening an Indomaret franchise first.

Quoted from, business people must meet the following requirements to be able to start an Indomaret franchise business:

  • Indonesian citizens
  • Provide a business location in a commercial area with an ideal area of ​​120-200 m2
  • Have complete minimarket business permits: IMB/PBG, NPWP, PKP, Environmental Permit, Domicile (if needed), NIB, STPW and other permits in accordance with applicable licensing provisions
  • Provide investment funds
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and focus on the Indomaret franchise system (Indomaret franchise)

If the Indomaret franchise requirements are ready, business people also need to know the details Indomaret franchise price 2022 and how to join the Indomaret franchise.

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Indomaret franchise price

Based on the official website, business people must prepare a fee of around Rp. 394 million if they want to start an Indomaret business. This figure does not include building rental costs for Indomaret outlets.

In more detail, the estimated investment costs for the Indomaret franchise are as follows:

  • Franchise fee for 5 years: IDR 36 million.
  • Promotion and preparation for store opening: IDR 9.5 million.
  • Renovation and addition of electrical power: IDR 170.5 million (This fee is adjusted to the condition of the shape of the building).
  • Electronic and non-electronic equipment: IDR 178 million (This fee depends on the type of shop).
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How to register an Indomaret franchise

For business people who are interested in opening an Indomaret franchise, you can fill out the Indomaret franchise application form here this link.

However, if you only want to rent out the location, you can fill out the location rental offer form here. Special locations for the islands of Java, Bali, Lombok, Aceh, Medan, Pekanbaru, Batam, Palembang, Lampung, Pontianak, Banjarmasin, Samarinda, Makassar, Kendari, Manado and Ambon.

To open a new Indomaret outlet, a businessman must already have a prospective location that will be used to open an Indomaret outlet. The stages of Indomaret franchise cooperation are as follows:

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1. First presentation

In order for the presentation to run more effectively and to be followed up immediately, franchisees who already have a proposed place of business should bring a photocopy of supporting documents, such as: Building Certificate, IMB, KTP, KK, and (if any) SIUP, TDP, NPWP, PKP, as well as a location plan.

This first presentation will explain in detail the cooperation mechanism, the amount of investment, the monthly profit and the store’s operational system.

2. Second presentation

In the second presentation, the results of the feasibility survey and the Expenditure Budget Plan (RAB) will be presented which lead to the magnitude of the investment value.

Usually, the second presentation is followed by the signing of an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) which includes the points of division of tasks between Indomaret and the franchisee in preparing for store openings, building renovations, purchasing shop equipment, employee selection and training, as well as payment terms.

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3. Store opening (Indomaret outlets)

After all the deal items are realized, the store is ready to open with a promotional program set by Indomaret. Before the shop opens, a Franchise Agreement will be signed for a period of 5 years.

For the record, Indomaret will assist business people or franchisees in preparing store management in the following cases:

  • Business place feasibility survey
  • Budget planning
  • Investment feasibility study
  • Store layout and planning
  • Business space renovation
  • Shop equipment purchases
  • Employee selection and training
  • Work standards and employee salary system
  • Store operational system package and financial administration
  • Selection and credit of merchandise without interest and without collateral
  • Sales promotion program

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Well, that’s information about how to register an Indomaret franchise as well as the requirements and costs needed. With an investment of around IDR 400 million, businesses can join the Indomaret franchise system.

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