Industry: confirmation of recovery, in June on turnover and orders – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 27 – In June it is estimated that industry turnover, net of seasonal factors, will increase by 13.4% compared to May. On average for the second quarter, the overall index fell by 23.0% compared to the previous quarter. Istat communicates it.

Orders also recorded an economic increase in June (+ 23.4%), while on average in the second quarter they decreased by 22.8% compared to the previous quarter.

“The economic growth in industry turnover continues in June, confirming the recovery started in the previous month after the easing of the measures linked to the health emergency that characterized the two months of March-April – explains the Institute of Statistics -. The comparison on a quarterly basis, however, it remains largely negative both for the domestic component and for the foreign one, highlighting how the levels of turnover still remain distant from those prevailing at the beginning of the year. New orders show broad economic growth in June and a change positive trend for orders received in the means of transport industry. This last result is due exclusively to the sector of other means of transport (other than motor vehicles) which represents the most volatile component of the entire sector “. (HANDLE).


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