Inevitable coronation drama? “Will end in humiliation”

Charles upsets his friends – ‘Some of them are angry’

And now there is for King Charles III. apparently new trouble. As Richard Eden claims in his “Daily Mail” column, the 74-year-old should keep his closest friends waiting when it comes to an invitation to the coronation.

Some of them are angry, especially those who have made quite a bit of their royal friendships over the years. They find the waiting unbearable. And for some it will end in humiliation.

A dark prophecy. It should not be due to King Charles himself that his closest confidants have not yet received an invitation, but rather to the lack of space. According to Eden, the organizers are currently working at full speed on a solution: “I’m hearing some are aware of that fact and are trying to emphasize their affiliations with charities that are likely to receive a handful of invites.” However, there is no guarantee: “But such tricks offer, of course no guarantee of an invitation.”

But it shouldn’t be long before the official invitations leave the palace. You should be sent by post, as soon as the invited guests – such as Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan – had responded to the first invitation by email. At the latest then there will probably finally be clarity as to how the Sussexes have decided.

Sources used: Daily Mail

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