Inexhaustible source ?: China builds the first power plant in space


China plans to build the first power plant in space that orbits around the Earth, it stores solar power and I would like to send the electricity obtained on our planet in the form of a microwave or laser, informs Bloomberg with the appointment to the Chinese state media.

Chinese scientists have already begun to build an experimental base in the city of Chongqing. As part of this project, a smaller module will be developed and put into orbit between 2021 and 2025. By 2030, the initiative would be completed by a power plant with capacity of one megawatt, which would be expanded with more powerful generators in the future.

This space power plant could mean an inexhaustible source of clean energy with a supply active 99% of the timesince it would not be limited neither by meteorological interferences nor by the lack of sunlight as the panels of the earth's surface, details the Engadget portal.

A space plant with this size and capacity will weigh almost a ton, putting it in orbit 36,000 kilometers of height It will be a real technical challenge. For this reason, Beijing is considering the possibility of building that spatial structure directly in the stratosphere with the help of robots and 3D printing.

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