Infectologists warn of a second wave of coronavirus in the country with spikes in infections in March

“It is essential that Argentina does not experience a second wave with peaks, as is happening in Europe and that could happen quietly here in March, for example. It has to do with a question of the social activities of the summer”, said the member of the Committee that advises the Government Javier Farina.

The member of the Argentine Society of Infectious Diseases (SADI) said that in the different meetings they held with the Head of State and the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, they warned of this issue: “In the analysis we always transmit it to him, because it is a possibility”.

The specialist stressed that “the quarantine was effective for the first three or four months, containing the situation so that the health system does not overflow,” although he warned that later “the difficulty of managing with the community regarding what the pandemic was was complex “.

“The progressive openings of activities obviously generated an increase in infections. The current problem is the federalization of the outbreak and the situation in the provinces is very complex”he added.

In this sense, in dialogue with Radio Rivadavia, Farina regretted that “there was a difficulty in applying the tool that exists in a massive way” and pointed out that “the restriction of mobility must be used in stages.”

“As quarantine was a bad word, there were districts of the Interior that did not choose to take that measure due to the political cost,” the infectologist warned, although he also remarked that “more needs to be tested.”


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