Inflatable walls for bars and restaurants –

The pandemic situation has created many difficulties for bars and restaurants by drastically reducing the use of their interior spaces. With these premises the FLY IN company of Bene Vagienna has developed a new line of inflatable walls for outdoor areas that allowed these activities to optimize their outdoor spaces especially in autumn and winter.

Mauro Oggero, owner of FLY IN “… to help bars and restaurants we thought we could compartmentalize the open spaces protected by umbrellas, with inflatable walls, easily installed in a few minutes and which would give them comfort with thermal insulation enough to be used even in the winter and spring months “.

The idea was immediately appreciated and numerous customers are appreciating the product which, in addition to being functional and robust, is also quick to install.

Temporariness is an important feature of the inflatable and this solution favors personalized management for each individual customer.

For each structure, the FLY IN company creates a customized project giving the customer the opportunity to immediately see how the entire work will be carried out. Even the next phase, that of sewing the fabric, is performed internally by the company by its own tailors specialized in this type of work.

If we need to highlight some of the strengths of the FLY IN inflatable outdoor walls, we can summarize them as follows:

  • High degree of transparency and sharpness

  • UV-resistant

  • High resistance to atmospheric agents

  • Fast, practical and economical

We remind our customers that it is possible to request an inspection to take the measurements and to view the premises by calling 0172-649340 or 335-1265765.

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The FLY IN company is located in via TrinitĂ  50 – 12041 Bene Vagienna (CN)

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