Inflation in Argentina exceeds 54% in March


direct: The inflation in Argentina has accelerated last month to the highest level since last October, deepening the suffering of the South American economy.

Economic data released Wednesday showed that the consumer price index in Argentina rose 4.7% in March on a monthly basis.

On an annual basis, the inflation rate in Argentina reached 54.7% in March from 51.3% in February.

The Argentine peso ended Tuesday, falling 1.7% to hit the US dollar at 42.3455 pesos.

The central bank in Argentina is trying to keep the weight at 39 pesos at 51 pesos this year.

The head of the Argentine central bank said that the inflation rate was too high, "but I think analysts and investors understand very well that the process of reducing inflation takes time."

The Argentine government should today announce new measures to control high prices and should include price controls for some basic food products.

This month, the International Monetary Fund approved the $ 10.8 billion loan disbursement in Argentina.

After providing the credit, the total amount Argentina has received since June 2018 amounts to approximately $ 38.9 billion.



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