Inflation slows down the real estate projects of the French, not their desire for stone

At the end of an Opinionway poll carried out on “The French, theinflation and real estate” on behalf of the network of real estate agencies Laforêt, it is clear that the French have no illusions about future price increases since 91% of them believe that inflation will continue in 2023. They are even two thirds to estimate that it will be higher than 4%. In this global context, it is a safe bet that the monetary authorities will continue to support the rise in interest rates.

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However, according to this same survey, nearly three quarters of French people (73%) would question a possible real estate project from 2% interest on their real estate loan. The first levels are the most critical: 29% of French people could give up a real estate project from 2% interest rate, which is already the situation we are currently experiencing (the interviews were carried out from December 14 to 16 2022), and as much from 3% (29%). Only 15% of French people would expect a rate of 4% to question a real estate project. Despite everything, a quarter of respondents (26%) still believe that the rate of mortgages will have no impact on their real estate project, whatever the rate applied.

The best investment for 39% of French people

A big flat on the ability to get started in 2023 but which does not undermine confidence in the stone. Indeed, when it comes to deciding on the most profitable investment for 2023, 39% of French people remain convinced that it is a real estate investment (very majority of physical stone for 33% of respondents, 6% considering SCPI). Securities are relegated much further: 22% of respondents cite banking investments and 18% life insurance. Only 11% prefer to venture into the financial markets. It should be noted that this confidence in real estate is even stronger among those under 35, 41% of whom see rental real estate as the most profitable investment for 2023 (compared to 30% of French people aged 35 and over).

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