Influencer Luisa Huss is successful with fitness tips

“I’m Luisa, I’m 29 and I come from the beautiful city Göttingen in the heart Germany“. This is how Instagram influencer Luisa Maxime Huss introduces herself on her homepage – “so that you know who the personality behind Lu-Coaching is”. Unsurprisingly, one learns that the fitness and nutrition advisor loves exercise. But also that she plays soccer and golf, invests a lot of time and passion in strength training, and cannot do much with swimming. That she prefers to eat rice, and that she can be hunted with pieces of fruit using marzipan, pickles, mushrooms and juice.

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Huss also reveals her life goal: “To be happy and to live my own dream.” She loves teaching other people something and motivating them: “Always remember, you yourself are your greatest motivation.”

“You always have to be careful”

She doesn’t want to share anything more personal on her homepage – if only for reasons of self-protection. After all, Huss has 152,000 followers. In relation to her community, the focus is not on commercial issues, but rather on a friendly basis, says the young woman, who sees herself as a service provider and wants to keep her followers going with fitness tips, especially in times of corona. “I stay out of politics and religion,” says the influencer: “You always have to be careful how you present yourself and how you behave.”

Huss has already got to know the downsides of her popularity – in the form of a stalker. He stared at her in the gym, showered her with e-mails and followed her through the city, says the well-trained 29-year-old and hopes that this will be done after a vigorous address.

Training at BMW

Huss is in Göttingen Born and grown up. After graduating from the Max-Planck-Gymnasium, she first worked in the property management company of her parents, then in Düsseldorf at BMW trained as an automobile saleswoman. Since 2014 she lives in Göttingen and has blossomed into an enterprising marketing professional with a lucrative income – “definitely higher than the average income”. About 40 percent of their income comes from cooperation agreements.

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With the first postings at Instagram started it in 2011 during her apprenticeship. “Originally it wasn’t about making money, but exchange, inspiration and communication,” says Huss. After three years, they wrote to the first companies about cooperation agreements, and through contact with a blogger agency, the whole thing developed more and more in the direction of marketing. For her, however, the focus has never been on marketing products, but rather on sharing tips.

First cell phone at age 14

Huss is not a true digital native – if only because of the 1991 birth year. When she was 14, she shared her first Nokia cell phone with a friend, she reports. She already played soccer at the age of five – until she was 15 and at times in the U-14 national team. At the age of 16, she switched to golf and got to it through her parents. Here, too, she showed talent, played in the Bundesliga for three years, then it became too time-consuming for her.

Influencers from Göttingen reach for the stars

In the past one would have said opinion leaders, today one speaks of influencers, sociologists prefer the term multipliers. As Influence For more than ten years, people have been referred to who, because of their presence in social networks, are considered as marketing vehicles from a certain number of followers. The content that is posted ranges from socially relevant topics to make-up tips, from product recommendations to music contributions.

In Göttingen there are now quite a number of young people who as Influence on the way or on the way there – whether on Instagram or TikTok. These include Luisa Huss, Luana Theodoro da Silva, Ronja Pfuhl, Laura Sophie Winkler and Rene Schmock. The high school student’s most successful video Laura Sophie Winklerthat only appeared on the video portal this year TikTok took off, got 1.6 million clicks.

She continues to invest a lot of time in her strength and fitness training – and in her entrepreneurial activities. At first she had friends take the photos for the Internet, but a professional photographer has been at her side for two years. And Huss has already set himself the next goal. You intend to win professional athletes as clients.

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