Influencer Reveals Million Dollar IG Earnings

How much do influencers earn on platforms like Instagram, YouTube or Facebook? These are the people who came out of anonymity thanks to social networks.

It is in this context that the name of Paula Gonu arises, an influencer of only 26 years old who recently surprised everyone by revealing the money she earns thanks to her publications on the internet.

Gonu is dedicated to uploading entertainment content to Instagram and YouTube, where he has two and a half million and a million and a half followers respectively.

Numbers? Gonu confessed that he earns more than $ 15,000 per month from videos alone. A considerable figure, but it is not the only one, since to this the influencer must add profits from photos and from promotions to specific brands. These numbers correspond to the month of December.

The influencer made it clear that she pays taxes that most people are not used to.

Finally, and responding to David Broncano’s question, Gonu confessed that in his bank account he has managed to save between $ 600,000 and $ 1 million. Astronomical figures.


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