Influencers get hit because of Tulum revelers

the Sunwing flight “influencers” party towards Tulum is on everyone’s lips and the term “influencer” takes a lot. Several web personalities denounced these party animals and said they were frustrated and embarrassed to be associated with them under the same name.

“So embarrassing to be considered an“ influencer ”in Quebec at the moment. RIP to the reputation of the profession. Thanks to the disrespectful c ** gang de Tulum ”, wrote the story of the most followed entrepreneur and content creator in Quebec, Élisabeth Rioux.

“Just because a minority of influencers do stupid stuff, our work is ridiculous and useless?” Asked the former candidate in turn. d’Occupation double Karine St-Michel.

Yououtubeuse Gabrielle Marion was discouraged: “That’s all scrapper the work of other influencers and content creators who do education, who do a lot of work in society, who get things done. ”

Same story with Rémi Desgagné, who said: “It’s just frustrating. While all content creators try to do is entertain and bring the positive, because of a small minority, I’m now embarrassed to say I’m a YouTuber and Influencer. ”

And they were several others to hold a similar speech. Basically, influencers are angry with … influencers. An unprecedented wave of dissociation is taking place within the community, at least towards the passengers of the disastrous Sunwing flight.

Everyone in the same basket?

“Nobody wants to be associated with a scandal like this one”, believes Anne-Marie Caron, president of theCanidé public relations agency.

She is sorry that the repetition of the term “influencer” in the media in connection with this scandal puts many people in the same boat (or the same plane…).

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“This amalgamation can create discontent among those who were given this title without claiming it and who reject it since it now has too bad a connotation.”

Many have preferred the term “content creator” for several years.

The pool of influencers (or content creators) is today so fragmented that it is normal for a person not to want to be associated with all the others, given the realities of several groups. are distinct.

Career risk

The reputational risks related to events the last days are indeed real for all those working in this environment, believes Anne-Marie Caron.

Many content creators, even those with nothing to do with the events, will potentially suffer.

“The remuneration of influencers comes from the collaborations they make with brands or companies. If there is no more social acceptability towards them, brands will be very careful in their choice. Perhaps they will withdraw budgets planned in influencer marketing for the year 2022. For influencers, that means less potential income, ”explains Ms. Caron.

The indignation is therefore double for these personalities of the web: they are indignant because these party animals show a total lack of solidarity by partying while the Quebec population is confined and because they and they potentially harm to the careers of their “colleagues”.

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