Infomaniak launches an aggressive IaaS offer

After several months of campaigning on the subject of digital sovereignty, Infomaniak is launching its IaaS, based in Switzerland, for private and public organizations. The offer includes computing instances (CPU and GPU), memory (block and object S3-compatible) and backup (backup and snapshot). All of this is offered at affordable prices, with some notable differences when compared to hyperscalers.

Infomaniak’s IaaS offering is based on the open source Open Stack technology, which facilitates hybrid environments and the transition to the public cloud. It is the same platform that operates the company’s existing online services (for example, storage, email, or transmission). It was already available on demand to some large companies, but not as a self-service solution, as is the case now.

The introduction of the IaaS offer was part of the Infomaniak roadmap. In it, the company announced that it wanted to provide an on-demand infrastructure by 2021 that could handle any type of workload. In addition to the two current data centers, the hosting company is planning two more – one in Geneva for 2023, the other in German-speaking Switzerland for 2026. These should be characterized by a reduced ecological footprint.

Speaking of which: the federal government recently established its cloud contract. You can read exactly how this rationale looks here.

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