Ink Waranthon shows the results of the new round of Covid-19 tests, no infection! Reveal 7 days quarantine

From the case of BOXX MUSIC informs the news of Ink Waranthon’s RT-PCR test results positive for Covid-19 Waiting for a repeat test result from the hospital yesterday, latest today, Oct. 11, Ink Waranthon shows the result of a new round of Covid-19 test. No infection found!

by Ink Waranthon Posted on IG, “Update Inc.’s RT-PCR test results from Sinphaet Ramintra Hospital on October 10, 2021. The result came out, no infection, but for the safety of all parties, Home Isolation will be done. for 7 days and strictly follow the advice of the doctor Inc. apologizes again to all parties involved and affected. And thank you all for your concern.”

Which has friends, brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry and fans to comment on the post to congratulate many Inc. girls.



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Ink Waranthon infected with Covid-19, waiting for repeat results from the hospital. Sorry to everyone involved.


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