News Inmate to be Executed in Missouri ... Respecting Social...

Inmate to be Executed in Missouri … Respecting Social Distancing

American detainee to be executed in Missouri despite health crisis. – KONRAD K./SIPA

The Covid-19 pandemic has not completely damaged the American prison system. Walter Barton will thus be executed in Missouri, at
United States, next May 19, despite the health crisis. It is the only state in the country not to have reported executions due to the coronavirus. Administration spokesperson
, however, indicated that the rules of physical distancing would be respected, reports Slate.

The accused’s lawyer failed to obtain the postponement of the execution, despite arguments related to sanitary measures. Indeed, he had notably explained that an execution systematically generates a gathering of people, whether because of the presence of journalists but also of family members.

Sentenced to death for the murder of an octogenarian in 1991

For her part, the spokeswoman for the Missouri Prison Administration assured that the measures of physical distancing would be well respected. The number of people accommodated in each of the three rooms allowing to attend the execution will be reduced and the temperature of all visitors will be raised at the entrance of the establishment. “We have supplies of hydroalcoholic hand gel, masks and the like, if needed,” she also said.

Walter Barton was sentenced to death for the murder of an octogenarian in 1991. However, this case has seen many twists and turns
appeal trial. Evidence of his guilt has been questioned several times.


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