Innocent blood will be spilled to determine the results of the 2020 elections

Innocent blood will be spilled to determine the results of the 2020 elections

The general supervisor of
Ministries of the Faith of Christian Action, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams a
he warned the Ghanaians before the general election in December this year.

The anointed and the powerful
the preacher instructed the Ghanaians and Christians to pray non-stop
to avoid a possible disaster during and after the elections.

Archbishop Duncan Williams has revealed that the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections will become bloody, so Christianity must rise to war in the spiritual realms.

According to him, the fate of
Ghana must not be left in the hands of politicians to determine it more
they will consult black magic and voodoo power for their political power.

Addressing his congregation during the last Sunday service, dated January 19, 2020, he said:

“We are in the 2020 elections and people are
already predict the outcome and Christians sit without saying anything,
leaving it to politicians. You gotta talk! “

He indicated in the
sermon in his church on Sunday that if Christians don’t speak
unfair propaganda, general elections would be determined by blood
sacrifices offered to the powers of darkness.

He said in his Sunday church sermon that if Christians did not speak out against unfair propaganda, the general election would be driven by blood sacrifices offered to the powers of darkness.

“May the Council of God, that the decree of the observers determines the outcome of the elections, not consultations with fetish priests and the shedding of innocent blood and the blood of animals, but that the word of the Lord, that the Council of the Lord, determines the outcome of the 2020 elections and not the consultations and visits of the powers of darkness “, the man of God stressed.

He also condemned some
men of God who give prophecies during elections just to take advantage of the
political class.

“This is the result of
the election is divine and the Lord’s Council determines the outcome of
the election and not the desires, desires and exploitation of men and
Politicians “
He said.

Duncan-Williams is certain that if Christians take matters in hand and cry for the Lord,
an anointed one will win the election.

“Say:” May God arise
on the 2020 elections and let his enemies be scattered “,”,
accused the congregation.


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