Innogy is rising sharply again. The supplier has published how much the current bills will increase

Innogy will raise electricity and gas prices from January. The price of gas will rise by 15 percent, the price of electricity will rise by 19 percent. Customers with a fixed price will not be affected by the increase. The monthly payment in a typical family house will increase by 270 crowns for gas and by 190 crowns for electricity, said innogy in a press release.

According to innogy, the reason for adjusting the price lists is the dramatic rise in the prices of both commodities on the wholesale markets this year. However, most innogy customers are not affected by the new prices, their fixed-price contracts continue to apply.

“We have kept prices stable for households throughout this year, despite the fact that wholesale prices have multiplied in both commodities. Innogy customers benefit from our responsible purchasing strategy, which allows us to mitigate the effects of dramatic fluctuations in wholesale markets. Standard products will grow by only 15 percent for gas and 19 percent for electricity, “said Tomáš Varcop, head of the innogy group.

For a model customer who only cooks on natural gas, the new innogy price list represents an increase in the monthly payment of 40 crowns. The customer pays 180 crowns a month in the apartment and the family in a smaller family house increases the monthly costs of hot water heating and gas heating by 270 crowns. The monthly payment for electricity to customers with the most frequent distribution rate D02d, ie households that cook, light and use common electrical appliances, will increase by CZK 190 per month.

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The new prices will affect only a small part of innogy customers who do not want to be bound by long-term contracts. “Most of our existing customers will not be affected by this price increase. For example, 90 percent of customers use the security of long-term fixed products for electricity, and more than 60 percent of households have natural gas prices fixed with innogs. even those who have already left the DPI and concluded new contracts with us in recent weeks, “said David Konvalina, director of the innogy group for retail and marketing.

Innogy is not the only supplier that increases prices. From 1 December, Pražská teplárenská will increase heat prices for its customers. The average Prague household pays CZK 250 to 350 more per month for heat. CEZ will increase the price of electricity supplies by about a third as of January 1. The increase does not apply to customers who have a contractually fixed price. Households will pay an average of 250 crowns a month.

E.ON is also going to raise prices. On the other hand, Pražská energetika (PRE) does not plan to raise prices from the New Year, the last price increase took place on the first of September this year, the increase was by seven percent, which is CZK 70 per month for a regular Prague family.

The owner of Bohemia Energy Písařík cried at the press briefing:

Crying of Bohemia Energy owner at press conference Video: DVTV


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