Health Innovation & Startup: Telemedicine: a French engineer develops a...

Innovation & Startup: Telemedicine: a French engineer develops a connected and 3D printed stethoscope

Discoveries and progress are generally made in times of crisis. With the crisis of the new coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity must compete in majesty with innovation to develop new means of manufacturing, design, consumption and even medical consultation. In this specific case, a French engineer has just unveiled a tool that could well revolutionize telemedicine. it is a connected stethoscope that prints in 3D.

What is a stethoscope for?

Whenever you go to see a doctor, the doctor places a utensil on your chest, back or belly, which he then hooks to his ears. This utensil is called a stethoscope. The stethoscope makes it possible to listen to and appreciate the organic noises inherent in certain hollow organs. Including the heart, lungs and intestines.

SKOP, the connected and 3D printed stethoscope – Photo credits: SKOP

Changes in these organic noises in some cases signify recognizable diseases just by listening. For example, heart murmurs. However in the context of telemedicine, the doctor is not near you and therefore cannot technically examine your heart, your lungs … The solution would be a connected stethoscope, which would reproduce the noise it perceives digitally. For the telemedicine to appreciate these.

A connected, life-saving stethoscope

With COVID-19, telemedicine has grown and spread. As a result, doctors’ accessories and utensils must also evolve and adapt. The connected stethoscope can help assess the heart rate hundreds of kilometers from your telepatient.

SKOP, the connected and 3D printed stethoscope – Photo credits: SKOP

Developed by Frenchman Cyrille Lecroq, the connected stethoscope is currently being approved by the ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines).

3D printing, when you save lives

Like many medical devices now. In particular hearing implants or prostheses, Cyrille Lecroq’s connected stethoscope is 3D printable.


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