Inspection intervenes: Claire is almost impossible to see in the new season Chateau Meiland | Entertainment

“Very unfortunate, also for the viewers,” says grandmother Erica Meiland On Veronica Magazine. “Claire was always just bobbing along, but the inspection pretends she’s hard at work.”

For the recordings of Chateau Meiland this is far from ideal, says Erica. “If we are now playing and Claire is somewhere where we need to be, then she has to get out of the picture: come on girl, just go behind the iPad for a while – which she doesn’t want at all.”

The Meilandjes have engaged a lawyer to see if they can do something about it, because according to Erica this situation is ‘not workable’. “She can probably still be seen in the first three episodes, but then there were two ladies from the inspection …”

Talpa response

Commenting on the commotion, Talpa leaves it on Tuesday ANP know: “In Chateau Meiland we follow the real daily life of the Meiland family, of which Claire is naturally a part. It would be very unnatural to keep her out of the picture. Claire’s well-being is paramount at all times and it is always our intention to comply with applicable regulations. In this case, these rules appear to be less suitable for reality programs such as Chateau Meiland. ”

Talpa is currently ‘in good consultation’ with the ministry about portraying Claire. “We assume that we can make good agreements with each other about this so that Claire continues to be seen as a family member in the program.”

The new series of Chateau Meiland can be seen at SBS6 from 1 March.

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