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Recently, my friends are frantically discussing Netflix’s Japanese drama “First Love”, which is inspired by two divine songs by Utada Hikaru – “First Love” released in 1999 and “First Love” in 2018, especially “First Love” seems to be There is a power that transcends time and space, evoking everyone’s sour and beautiful first love that failed to reach the end.

“First Love” is starring Takeru Sato and Hikari Mitsushima. The heroine Yahide Noguchi, played by Hikari Mitsushima, ends up driving a taxi to make a living because she cannot achieve the goal of being a flight attendant. The two develop a romance.

Hikaru Manshima’s acting skills are as natural as ever, and she deserves her reputation as “the strongest actress”. However, I like her eyes more, like a chick breaking out of an egg, opening her eyes and looking at the clear and open blue sky for the first time, her big eyes are rippling Full of clear water, today I will introduce this actress full of aura.

Hikari idol group transformation actor

Inspired by Faye Wong’s “Chongqing Forest”

Mitsushima Hikari is a versatile artist who has been active in the fields of film, drama, stage play, and singing for a long time. She is hailed by the industry as the most talented actress of the new generation. Her acting talent began in childhood. She was born in Hucha City, Okinawa Known as the local music street, Mitsushima has been associated with strong American culture and street art since he was a child.

When he was in junior high school, Hikari Manshima and his friends participated in the acting competition, and got the opportunity to take acting classes for free for one year at the Okinawa Performing Arts School.

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Due to his singing ability during school, Hikari Mitsushima was selected as one of the members of the 7-member group “Folder”, but after two of the boys suffered a voice change period, Mitsushima Hikari and the remaining 4 girls reorganized “Folder 5”, until disbanded in 2003.

High school student Hikari Mitsushima is depressed as the group disbands.

She knew that she liked acting, but she didn’t want to give up even though she had no chance. She continued to stay in Tokyo to pick up some odd hosts and commercials, but she was confused about the transformation while doing it. Until one day, Man Daoguang saw “Chongqing Forest” starring Faye Wong, and was attracted by Faye Wong’s agility. Afterwards, he learned that Faye Wong was a singer. With Faye Wong as the goal, she turned to acting.

After many years, everyone knows that Hikari Mandao’s performance energy is indeed a kind of “Little Faye Wong”-like eccentricity.

Hikari Manshima handed over outstanding performances one after another

The national treasure-level actor praised: “It has the contagious power to make people want to cry when they cry.”

In 2005, Mitsushima participated in the “Superman Max” audition and got the opportunity to perform. Immediately afterwards, he played the younger sister of the protagonist Yagami in the movie “Death Notebook”, and successfully started the road to acting.

On Mitsushima’s famous work, it must belong to “The Exposure of Love” (爱のむきだし) directed by Yuan Ziwen in 2009

In the 4-hour Cult film, the character “Yoko” played by Hikaru Mitsushima has gone through many emotional twists and turns. The nervousness of crying and laughing makes the audience shudder, especially the scene of reciting the “Bible” at the end of the film is crazy and chaotic. Tension made her win several Newcomer Awards and Best Supporting Actress awards at the Film Xunbao Awards, Hochi Film Awards, Yokohama Film Festival, Mainichi Film Awards, etc.

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Then to the later works such as “The Wicked”, “Quartet”, “My Superman Mom”, Mitsushima Hikari gained a firm foothold in the entertainment industry, and even played the role of Japanese national treasure artist Kuroyanagi in “Little Doudou by the Window” Tetsuko and Heiliu Cheko himself were quite satisfied, and said to Hikari Mandao, “You have the kind of appeal that makes others cry with you when you cry.”

Self-confessed to have a soul that is “uneasy in the room”

Hikari Manshima is a rare god-level actress in Japan

In 2018, Hikari Manshima left the brokerage company where she had been working for 10 years, and set up a personal office with makeup artists and friends. I was bored for a while, so I simply closed the social networking site, and did not open a new account until 2020 to restart.

Man Daoguang said with a smile that he has a soul that is restless in the room.

“My soul hates the established shape. I want to pretend to be cool, but the next second it will start to play tricks. Although I still think that I am still the kid who will play in the park until I forget to go home. I used to need adults to urge me, but now I have to know that I myself have to be the “adult” who urges me to go home.”

Through acting, she can transform into different soul shapes; through running a personal office, she learns to be a self-disciplined adult.

After debuting for many years, Hikari Mitsushima took every step steadily and knew where he was going. No wonder director Kankuro Miyato said that as long as there was a movie starring Hikari Mitsushima, he would definitely watch it. Even Yu Aoi was right. Man Daoguang’s comments are all: “Man Daoguang is a unique existence, and it is a great thing to know her.”

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