Instagram & Co .: Selena Gomez: Social media are a curse and a blessing at the same time


US musician and actress Selena Gomez (26) sees social media with mixed feelings. “I think that for my generation social media are very dangerous,” said Gomez on Wednesday at the Cannes Film Festival.

Of course, Facebook and Instagram also opened up many opportunities and had positive sides. Nevertheless bullying, so the harassment and bullying, a danger. “I keep seeing young girls who have been devastated.”

Gomez has 150 million followers on Instagram. She also claims to use her influence to show young people that they can be what they want them to be. Besides, it's not good to be online all the time. “I would give myself time-outs.” Then you have a chance to gain some distance.

Gomez appeared at the Cannes Film Festival in the zombie comedy “The Dead Do not Die”. The film by Jim Jarmusch had opened the festival on Tuesday evening. In addition to Gomez, Adam Driver, Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton can be seen on the screen.


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