Instagram has removed vulgar photos of Madonna: the artist has shown far more in bed than the rules allow

The 63-year-old once again demonstrated a supple body and plump breasts. There was also a nipple that was supposedly accidentally pushed out of her underwear. Madonna complemented her audacious image with black fishnet tights and high heels. “An angel watching me,” the singer commented on the provocative shots.

Fans of the artist admired her new photo session of the goddess and did not spare her praise in the comments. However, it wasn’t long before the post was removed:

“How brave she is!”, “Just a goddess!”, “Can I look like that when I turn 63?”InstagramSuch shots. “It’s very brave,” consumers wrote.

The performer herself resented the instagram management’s decision and called it sexist. According to her, no one censors men showing their nipples in photos.

By the way, the audience notices that Madonna’s appearance has changed a bit lately. Unwanted individuals suspect the star is not refusing plastic surgery and beauty injections. The singer herself does not comment on such speeches and is not afraid to show her unadorned side.

“What happened to her face, it’s like she’s stretched!”, “Her cheeks look unnatural, Madonna’s beautician needs to be forgiven,” God, what did she do? Who are these victims for? ”Other consumers wondered.

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