Instagram launches surveys with response options: this is how they work


New questions with options arrive on Instagram Stories.

César Salza / CNET

Instagram has released a new question and answer format called "Quizz" or "Questions", which is a bit different from the surveys we could do so far.

If so far you could ask your followers a question and expect them to answer yes or no, now you can add up to four options on each sticker, which gives you a better understanding of the answers and actually probes better your friends on a certain topic.

Whether you ask him which cell you should buy or what hair color you should use for that costume party, this new sticker will allow users to have a new way of communicating, which will also allow you to configure the colors that go with your stories.

These new surveys will allow you to provide up to four response options.

César Salza / CNET

How to do polls or questions with the selection of answers?

After taking a picture or video through the stories, you will need to go to the top and select the picture of the sticker, once there you will find a section called "Quiz" or "Questions". When you activate it, you can write a question and up to four options.

Once you have entered all the options, you can select which one is correct, which will be marked in green. When someone answers correctly. Furthermore, in the analytical section of the Stories, you can see who responded and also what response they gave.

The CNET team in Español has started to receive the Instagram update on Android and iOS, so it is likely that you will soon start receiving it, since the social network usually makes these versions gradually.

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