Technology Instagram photos remained on servers for years after deletion...

Instagram photos remained on servers for years after deletion | NOW

A software bug at Instagram left deleted photos on the company’s servers for at least another year. That discovered a security researcher according to TechCrunch.

Researcher Saugat Pokharel asked Instagram to hand over all information about him. Tech companies are obliged to comply with this since the introduction of the new European privacy law in 2018.

The submitted database contained all photos and private conversations of Pokharel in the past period. In between was information that he had deleted more than a year ago.

Error has been corrected

According to an Instagram spokesperson, this is due to a bug. The photos and conversations should be pulled from the servers within ninety days of deletion. No evidence of abuse was found, where, for example, staff saw the deleted information.

Pokharel discovered the error in October 2019. He has only now made his findings public, because Instagram has fixed the bug. Because the researcher found a flaw in the software, parent company Facebook awarded him a $ 6,000 reward.



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