Instagram slips ads into search results


Instagram slips ads into search results

The image sharing and messaging app will offer two new advertising formats.

Posted23 mars 2023, 09:23

Instagram users may soon be surprised when searching the group’s popular social network app Meta (formerly Facebook). In addition to the ads that have long been inserted into the news feed, the image-sharing and messaging platform plans to display ads in search results, when its users search for a company, product or content, the latter term not being specified. “Ads will appear in the feed that people can scroll through when viewing a post from search results,” Instagram explains on its blog.

Reminder ads

Instagram plans to offer a second ad format to advertisers, which it calls “reminder ads.” When users show interest in a particular event, such as a concert, they can choose to receive a reminder in the form of a notification on their smartphone to avoid missing it. This will be sent 15 minutes before or at the exact time of the event, for example the first broadcast of a new season of a TV series.

Currently in the test phase, these new advertising formats should be deployed globally “in the coming months”, instagram adwhich recently launched a paid subscription in Australia and New Zealand.

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