Instagram to fix bug that makes app look like iPhone camera

Among the new features of iOS 14 in terms of security, the system now displays an indicator to warn that an application is recording, whether with the microphone (orange dot) or with the camera (green dot ). The control center is also involved by presenting a more complete indicator (read: iOS 14: these new features that protect user privacy).

Like the notification that the clipboard has been collected by the foreground application (which is not without cause a stir), this security measure could force developers to clean the code of their applications. An Instagram user thus realized, simply by consulting the last posts of his friends, that the green indicator was appearing, in the form of a point and an alert in the control center. While not using the app’s camera …

Left capture: When Instagram’s camera is in use. Also note the presence of the small green indicator at the top of the screen. Right capture: Control center indicates that Instagram’s camera was recently used.

Rest assured, this behavior is a bug according to an Instagram spokesperson. The editor is also in the process of correcting it. ” We only access the camera when the user requests it, for example when they swipe from the status page to the camera page. We found this bug in the beta of iOS 14 which we are in the process of fixing, it incorrectly tells some people that they are using the camera when they are not ยป.

The app ensures that it does not have access to the camera when it is not needed, and that no content is saved without users’ knowledge.


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