Instead of Bavaria: Will Werner will change overseas?


"He pointed out that he would prefer not to extend"- since this sentence from the RB managing director Oliver Mintzlaff at the latest, even the greatest optimists of RB Leipzig must admit that Timo Werner will probably not be able to compete. The national player moves away from the third Bundesliga.

According to the information ofimage& # 39; But not automatically to Bayern, as has been hypothesized for months now. One thing is clear: a change to the record sample remains the most likely scenario, but now it is also a foreign change in conversation. Clubs like Liverpool FC, Paris St. Germain and Real Madrid could have a say in poker for the national team.

No questions, no offers

Unfavorable for Bayern: if the international competition actually interferes and makes an offer for Werner, waiting for a bet on the leaders. It will probably not remain with a transfer of 40 million euros. Mintzlaff, Rangnick and Co. wouldn't care if they couldn't keep their marker.

If it actually arrives at the end, it is present, but it is still in the stars. How's that,kickerReportedly, it is so far neither an offer nor a specific request for the 23-year-old drowned – not even from Munich. Just before Easter, there are still many unsecured eggs in Werner Poker.


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