Instigation to the use of drugs, investigated the trapper Sfera Ebbasta


Senigallia 12/01/2019
– It is investigated by the Prosecutor of Pescara, the trapper Sfera Ebbasta, for instigation to the use of drugs.

The dossier was opened following a statement by two senators from Forza Italia, Lucio Malan and Massimo Mallegni, who chose Pescara, one of the cities in which Gionata Boschetti, aka Sfera Ebbasta, performed on 12 July.

The lyrics of the rapper's songs contain "frequent obscenity", and "they refer almost all to the use of drugs and often to their store, without hinting at the negativity of such practices, even looking at this lifestyle as symbol of success ", as the two senators have pointed out.

It is not excluded that the magistrate decides to hear Gionata Boschetti, but neither can the case be filed, not being a crime in the text of a song.

A name, that of Sfera Ebbasta, sadly linked to the tragedy of the Lanterna Azzurra of Corinaldo last December 7, in which 6 people lost their lives and where he would have to perform with a dj set. In fact, investigations continue which see 10 people registered in the register of suspects.


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