“Institutions have no color”. Al Bano debunks the controversy over Morandi in the Senate

Gianni Morandi great protagonist at Palazzo Madama for the 75th anniversary of Senate of the Republic. The artist from Monghidoro performed the anthem of Mameli, a medley of his hits, and then paid homage to Lucio Dalla with “Caruso”. “There is a bit of emotion, it’s my first time here”admitted the seventy-eight year old, who gave the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the others present his “Get sent by mom” and many other hits from his endless repertoire, including “There was a boy who like me”. But as always there is no shortage of controversy, even on the occasion of an institutional anniversary of this magnitude: Morandi has been criticized for having accepted the invitation of that ugly and bad right-wing government. He thought about silencing the usual solons Al Bano Carrisi with a straight leg tackle.

Al Bano defends Morandi: “Institutions have no color”

Speaking to the microphones ofAdnkronosAl Bano commented on the debate that broke out on social networks about the presence of his colleague and friend at Palazzo Madama with the president Ignazio La Russa: “Institutions have no political colors and Morandi did what he had to do. We must also learn to respect the will of a people and the people have chosen this government”.

Several users have placed the emphasis on Morandi’s “proximity” to left, a detail that should have prompted the artist to refuse the invitation to the ceremony in the Senate. Al Bano is trenchant to say the least: “Enough with this ‘right’ and ‘left’ story, Morandi was invited by the institutions and he made the right choice, I am totally on the side of Morandi and the institutions”. “By participating, he taught everyone a good lesson”the comment of the beloved singer of Cellino San Marco.

For many the controversy it’s a sport and you’re ready to do anything to spark discussion, this is yet another example. Morandi’s concert at Palazzo Madama made it possible to pay the right tribute to a symbol of democracy and for a few hours it put aside the divisions between right and left, between majority and opposition. All united in the name of music, with Prime Minister Meloni surprised to hum as well as Minister Crosetto, the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi, the former group leader of the Democratic Party Simona Malpezzi and the president of the Rai Supervisory Commission Barbara Floridia (M5s) . So much for the usual troublemakers.

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