Insulin resistance can be improved by 60 percent without medication. Private hope hospital internal medicine specialist dr. Gokce Kundakci: “Only exercise and healthy nutrition can improve insulin resistance at 60 percent levels”

Eskişehir Private Ümit Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Gökçe Kundakçı Income explained the symptoms of insulin resistance and what diseases it can cause, and informed about the treatment methods. Dr. “Insulin resistance can be corrected at 60 percent levels with only exercise and healthy nutrition,” said Prof.
Stating that you need the hormone insulin to convert the sugar, that is, glucose, taken during the day into energy, Dr. Insulin resistance occurs as a result of insensitivity to insulin in regions such as liver, fat and muscle tissue. In this case, the sugar in the blood cannot be converted into energy and remains at high levels. High sugar rate causes metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes after a while. In short, the inability of the insulin hormone to be effective at the required level is called insulin resistance.
Dr. Income listed the symptoms of insulin resistance as follows:
“Due to the increase in pigments that give color to the skin, darkening of the skin color, softening of the skin, rapid and excessive weight gain, difficulty in losing weight, menstrual irregularity, excessive hairiness, feeling without energy, getting up tired in the morning, falling asleep after meals, difficulty in concentration and perception, cold sweats. and cold, decrease in body resistance, fast eating, frequent and quick hunger, feeling of faintness, sweet crises, trembling in the hand, ‘I can’t lose weight even though I eat less’
Noting that insulin resistance also causes many diseases, Dr. Income said: “Excess insulin circulating in the blood; It prepares a suitable environment for the formation of chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension and atherosclerosis known as atherosclerosis. The resulting vicious circle can also lead to polycysticovarian syndrome, which presents a wide range of symptoms from infertility to hair growth. Impaired glucose tolerance in women with polycysticover syndrome with insulin resistance, that is, hidden sugar, as it is known among the people, reaches 35 percent; The incidence of type 2 diabetes increases up to 10%. Finally, there are many studies that have found a relationship between insulin resistance and cancer.”
Stating that if insulin resistance is not treated, these complaints gradually increase and the daily activities and quality of life of the person are seriously affected. Comes, “After all, we become unhappy people who constantly gain weight and cannot cope with this situation. In addition, excess insulin increases the risk of diabetes. It is known that Type 2 Diabetes is mainly caused by insulin resistance. Diabetes has become a common disease in recent years. Its prevalence is increasing, and it is accompanied by many additional problems, which we call complications. Since insulin resistance is the precursor of diabetes, intervention is necessary.
Informing about insulin resistance treatment methods, Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Gökçe Kundakçı Comes, said:
“Patients with insulin resistance; It is necessary to prefer foods with a low glycemic index, which do not increase blood sugar, and rich in fiber and other nutrients. With all vegetables except potatoes, carrots and corn; Legumes such as kidney beans, chickpeas, beans, lentils, bran, brown bread, apples and oranges should be included in the diet menu. By increasing insulin resistance, trans fatty acid can trigger the formation of diabetes as a secret weapon. In order to break your insulin resistance, you should abandon the frying method, purify your cabinet from all delicatessen products that we describe as processed meats, and not consume packaged products including ready-made cakes.”
Stating that it should not be forgotten that the diet that shields insulin resistance consists of consuming foods of animal and vegetable origin containing omega 3 fatty acids. Delir says, “Add flaxseed to your salads or yogurt, consume walnuts in between meals, and eat fatty fish rich in omega 3, including salmon, at least three times a week. If you cannot eat these foods, you can use fish oil.
Talking about the effects of sports against insulin resistance, Dr. Comes, “Do not neglect to practice walking at a moderately high pace, which will take at least 45 minutes every day. Thus, while exercising, your muscles will easily use the sugar in the environment and calorie burning will begin without the need for insulin. If you continue to exercise regularly, fat-burning enzymes will come into play, and you will begin to get rid of stored fat easily. Insulin resistance at 60 percent levels can be corrected only with exercise and healthy nutrition. There are some points to be considered while playing sports. Adequate heart rate increase should be achieved, one should not take too many breaks between movements and cool the body, and sports should be done according to the person.
Stating that it would be appropriate for people with insulin resistance to be fed with frequent small meals and foods with a low glycemic index, since they get hungry quickly, Dr. Gökçe Kundakçı Income continued his words as follows:
“Three main meals and three snacks can be made. Because foods with a low glycemic index allow individuals to stay full for a longer period of time, people who consume these foods quickly get hungry even though they are full. Tea sugar, jam, marmalade, molasses, sweets, cookies, cakes, pastries, biscuits, chocolate, wafers, white bread, corn and corn bread, cereal, rice, vermicelli, noodles, pasta, bananas, figs, grapes, melons, watermelon, dried fruits excluding apricots, instant fruit juices and acidic soft drinks, etc. foods should be consumed as little as possible.”

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