Intel has agreed to 3nm production, TSMC is sharply increasing spending

According to the server information DigiTimes Intel will acquire the capacity of a brand new factory at TSMC, which will be built to produce its 3nm chips. As we well know, this is supposed to be the Meteor Lake processors, which should arrive in 2023, but we will not know what the details of the agreement are.

It will be a factory in Hsich in the north of the island, more specifically in the Baoshan area, and it seems that Intel has really managed to secure the necessary 3nm capacity, without it being able to upset Apple, which has them booked with TSMC as well. In fact, Apple is seen as a customer who was supposed to have the initial 3nm production of TSMC booked essentially in its entirety, so according to this information, Intel really only had to strive to secure additional, previously unplanned capacities.

This is also reflected in the information released by TSMC itself, which has decided to increase its capital expenditures again by 33 to 46 percent, which will prepare between 40 and 44 billion dollars this year. This is an increase which, in addition to the 3nm N3 process, will also cover the preparations for the start of production using the subsequent N2.

At the same time, TSMC’s revenues reached $ 56.8 billion last year, which represents a 24 percent increase, and the company is of course counting on further growth in the future in order to be able to afford such high expenses at all. At the same time, they amounted to 14.9 billion in 2019, and 30 billion in the previous year, ie only this year’s increase will correspond to the total CapEx from 2019.

Of the total amount of money set aside for this year, 70 to 80 percent will be set aside for the construction of new factories and capacity expansion of modern processes such as N2, N3, N5 and N7, while there are a number of subgroups. N5P, N4, N4P or N4X. Brand new factories will then be designed specifically for the N3 and N2. The rest of the money will then go to capacities intended for advanced encapsulation methods, production of photo masks and also specialized technologies.

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