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Intel presented the next financial report. In the first quarter, revenue from the processor giant amounted to $ 16.1 billion, which corresponds to data for the same period last year, but the chip maker's net profit fell to $ 4 billion ( against $ 4.5 billion in January-March 2018).


As before, the lion's share of Intel's revenue comes from the sale of consumer PC processors and chipsets. In the past three months, the Client Computing Group division has brought $ 8.6 billion to the chip maker, improving last year's data by 4%.

It should be noted that the growth in revenues occurred against the background of a decrease in the supply of desktop CPUs (8%) and notebooks (7%). At the same time, the average selling price has increased significantly. Compared to the first quarter of last year, laptop processors increased by an average of 13% for desktop computers by 7%.

Intel revenue

Data Center Group turnover was $ 4.9 billion (-6% in the weather comparison), the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions division reported revenues of $ 915 million (-12%), and "Internet of things" and "programmable solutions" brought the chip maker $ 910 million (+ 8%) and $ 486 million (-2%), respectively.

Intel revenue

Intel plans to complete the current quarter with revenues of $ 15.6 billion.


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