Intel Xeon 56 core processor overclocked to 5.5GHz, amazing power consumption exposure

Intel’s latest 56-core XEON W9-3495X brings 56 cores and 112 threads. Although it is still not as good as AMD’s 64-core Threadripper, it still has the power to fight. Recently, it has set new world records in CineBench R20/R20, 3DMark CPU, GeekBench 3, Y-Cruncher and other projects.

But its power consumption is really amazing. Previous tests showed that when the XEON W9-3495X was tested by GeekBench 5, the peak power consumption could reach ~1100W, and the typical power consumption was also 300-650W.

Overclocking player Elmor cooperated with ASUS to overclock all 56 cores of XEON W9-3495X to 5.5GHz, and also finished the whole process of CineBench R23 test. The multi-core score is 132,220, which is only a little short of the world record of 132,484.

However, during this test, the power consumption of the processor reached a terrifying 1,881W, and its temperature could only be suppressed by using liquid nitrogen, and the core temperature was minus 95°C. For this reason, two SuperFlower 1600W power supplies were used in the test to drive it. The matching motherboard is ASUS Pro WS W790E-SAGE SE, and 8 Zeta R5 DDR5 memories are installed.

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