Intellectual defenders of the Constitution ask that the PP and the PSOE open a dialogue process for the investiture

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Thousands of professors, intellectuals, businessmen, economists, engineers and lawyers who defend constitutionalism have signed a manifesto released this Monday, at the beginning of the round of consultations of the Rey to the parties, in which they ask the PP and the PSOE to “recover political cordiality” and open a dialogue process with a view to the investiture to prevent the governability of Spain from depending on “extreme or pro-independence options”.

The letter, just four paragraphs written by the platform Consensus and Feedbackurges the two majority parties to “engage in a dialogue aimed at forging government or legislature agreements, where ideological diversity and pluralism are not an obstacle to understanding each other and to agreeing on fundamental policies in the interest of all Spaniards and our own democracy “.

Businessman Joaquin Villanueva, coordinator of the platform, explains to EL MUNDO that there are two reasons that explain this manifesto. The first is “not to be a shameful country and make a fool of yourself, because a government is formed in Spain with a fugitive from Justice [Carles Puigdemont] that Spain itself claims is an enormous contradiction”.

“What are the Belgian judges who have to decide on the extradition of this fugitive going to think when they see that it is the government of Spain that decides?” Villanueva asks, pointing to a second reason: “Spain also needs an agreement to carry out reforms such as education or pensions, which can only be done with the help of the two big parties”.

Among the signatories of the manifesto are personalities of different political sensibilities, from the founders of Ciudadanos Francisco de Carreras y Felix Ovejero Socialists like the former MEP Pedro Bofill or the former defense minister edward serra. There are also people linked to the PP, such as the architect dove nephew or the former president of Catalan Civil Society Fernando Sanchez Costa.

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