Inter Cel launches new plans starting at R$25 per month as Vivo’s virtual operator

This Friday (25), Inter announced the arrival of new plans from its mobile virtual operator (MVNO). Inter Cel now starts selling data and voice packages, in partnership with Vivo – until then, the agreement it was with Surf Telecom.

All plans are prepaid and cost from R$25 to R$75, with a 7% cashback at each renewal. The contract is renewed monthly and can be done automatically by debiting the account.

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Inter Bank announces plans for

May 14

Customers of other operators may request portability to the bank’s MVNO. These users coming from different providers will have a 2GB bonus of data on all packages, which will be credited for 12 months for the duration of the plans.

As for Vivo customers and their virtual operators, the process will be one of migration. All options offer unlimited access to the Inter app and WhatsApp – for messages, audio, photos and video. The 8GB and 13GB total alternatives also give Waze and Movvit without consuming the franchise, plus two months of Duo Gourmet subscription. You can check all package options, their benefits and monthly prices below:

How to join?

Joining Inter Cel is free and can be done through the operator’s official website. Chips are delivered locked, but the unlocking process is available directly from the app, in the steps within the option Unlock Inter Cel chip.

To activate the SIM card, simply insert it into the device after unlocking it and restarting the phone. When the cell phone is turned on normally, it is automatically enabled.

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