Inter: Conte-Suning meeting set. Market budget decided

While theInter of Antonio Conte is in Germany to play with Bayer Leverkusen for a place in the top four of Europa League, important decisions arrive in Italy for the future of the Nerazzurri club.

The project of Suning will continue with or without Antonio Conte: according to the Gazzetta dello Sport, the property wants to continue to strengthen the squad and is ready to allocate a large budget for the market. After the 180 million spent last season and the 45 already invested for Hakimi, the Zhangs are ready to do a further step to allow Inter to get closer to best clubs of the planet.

And this will happen even if an agreement is not found with the Lecce coach. The fracture between the Salento coach and the management remains evident, even after the victory with Getafe which gave a few days of serenity to the environment.

Immediately after the end of his commitments in Europe, Conte will have the face to face required with Marotta and Steven Zhang, in which we will talk about next season and the requests brought forward by the former Juve: put everything on the table it will be decided whether to continue the three-year project decided a summer ago or get divorced.

In the second case, theInter will go in search of a new coach: on Beppe Marotta’s list the name of Massimiliano Allegri, even if the coach is very courted by PSG and Real and time is running out.

OMNISPORT | 10-08-2020 17:30

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