Inter, Handanovic problem now clear. The alternation with Onana will end in Sassuolo

The Slovenian goalkeeper was the protagonist of another disappointing performance: the criticism of the fans increased

Once again Samir Handanovic has ended up in the dock: the Slovenian goalkeeper has responsibility for both goals scored by Inter last night, and the patience of the Nerazzurri fans seems to be over. Behind him paws Onanadeployed so far only in the Champions League, but this alternation is destined to end soon.

This is what the Inter people, including the management, are hoping for, as he writes Tuttosport: “Not very reactive on Dybala’s powerful but central shot against Roma’s 1-1. Impaled on the goal line, with a free kick beaten by the trocar, on the parable from which Smalling’s winning head shot came. Samir Handanovic is one of the main culprits of Inter’s defeat against Roma. Of course, the 13 goals conceded in eight Serie A matches by the Nerazzurri are not and cannot be just the fault of the captain of the vice-champions of Italy, but by now the errors of the ’84 class are many, indeed they are too many“.

The # Handanovicout has been going crazy on social media for some time, with fans who have identified their captain as the perfect scapegoat for a horror start to the season for Inter. Analyzing the performances of the individuals, as it is clear that the Nerazzurri’s defensive phase must certainly be revised, it is also clear that individually the Slovenian number 1 has made more than one mistake, for a problem that is now clear to (almost) everyone. Also to the management of Inter“.

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During the break, the Nerazzurri leaders had touched on the issue of dualism between the two goalkeepers in the various talks with Inzaghi. (in) direct message to the coach – which obviously remains 1000% autonomous in its choices – to take, if possible, a decisive decision on who should be, definitively, the holder of the role. All to give greater certainty to a department in difficulty.

The presence of Handanovic against Roma is normal (his teammate was the last to return to Italy after the two matches played in Korea with his national team), in the Champions League the presence of Onana is expected (despite Inzaghi’s specific question not wanted to answer: “I don’t know who will play yet”), both for what it has been up to now, with the former Ajax deployed in the European competition against Bayern Munich and Viktoria Plzen, and because the Piacenza coach, before reaching the verdict definitive, will presumably want to evaluate (and launch) the number 24 once againThe match against Sassuolo could, indeed, should be the litmus test of the question. On the other hand, to restore self-esteem to a department that has so far been too full, defining who the goalkeeper is, would solve a first real and big problem for Inzaghi’s Inter.“.

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