Interim President of Bolivia drops out of the electoral race: “If we don’t unite, Evo Morales will return”

“If we don’t unite, Morales returns; if we don’t unite, democracy loses; if we don’t unite, the dictatorship wins,” said the 53-year-old president, who took office in November 2019, after the resignation of the coca grower leader. amid protests and complaints of electoral fraud.

Añez’s statement:

Morales criticizes

In a first reaction via Twitter, Evo Morales described the resignation as “a double betrayal of his militants and candidates,” and assured that Áñez will then negotiate “their impunity.”

The interim president called for a unit against the MAS, whose standard-bearer is at the top of the electoral polls.

Áñez left the electoral race a day after a national poll by the Jubilee Catholic Foundation was released, which assigned him fourth place, with only 7% of the intention to vote.

He was below Arce (29.2%), former president Carlos Mesa (19%) and regional civic leader Luis Fernando Camacho (10.4%), with no possibility of winning or going to a possible second round.

He promised to lead a transitional government in order to call new elections in 2020, but in January he announced his candidacy, a decision that was widely criticized by his adversaries and some allies.

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