Interim President of Bolivia withdraws her candidacy for the presidency «Diario y Radio U Chile

Áñez left the electoral race one day after a national poll by the Jubilee Catholic Foundation was released, which assigned him fourth place, with only 7% of the intention to vote. The candidate of former President Morales’ party, Luis Arce continues to lead the polls.

Friday 18th September 2020 9:41 hrs.

In a brief three-minute message recorded and sent to the media and the entire population, the president Janine Anez he resigned his candidacy. He did, in his own words, so as not to divide the democratic vote and thus make way for the Movement to Socialism MAS, to end up winning the election, which will be held in exactly one month.

Añez did not say or imply with whom he will ally after this decisionIf with Carlos Mesa, first in the polls to face the MAS or with Luis Fernando Camacho who would be under Mesa, so it is not yet known where the votes of the resigning candidate could go.

The president and her political allies would have defined this decline before the evident drop in support from the population in a wide-ranging survey that showed its decline to fourth place.

The electoral scenario is now reduced to 7 candidates. According to the polls, those who would take the lead are: Luis Arce from MAS (Evo Morales’ party), Carlos Mesa and Luis Fernando Camacho.

Janine Añez asked the candidate who faces the MAS at the polls that when he is president he preserves economic stability, solidarity bonds for families and the 10% budget for the health sector.


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