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You architects seek to make our life easier, solve everyday problems through spaces and organization of our homes. But they are also experts in perceiving details that they cannot (really) live with – little things that are often imperceptible to ordinary mortals, with the naked eye. But, after all, what do architects hate to find in a house?

AD Magazine spoke with three architects to understand what is most hate to find in a house. Here is the list of most common mistakes:

  1. You “materials” that imitate other materials. As much as it is a “good imitation”, it is “noticed” a lot;
  2. Ceilings that have been lowered too far to put in impossible recessed lights. THE White light it does not receive great acceptance from the architects either;
  3. Excessive decorative frames;
  4. That the walls are not at 90 degrees;
  5. As super compartmented housesin which eternal corridors are generated. For architects, it is necessary not to be afraid of shared spaces, such as a living room or a kitchen.
  6. As small windows and, most importantly, the shutters everywhere.
  7. A poorly executed wall painting or baseboards separated from the walls;
  8. Elements that should be aligned and are not, such as doors or windows;
  9. Disproportionate furniture: a huge TV and an almost inconspicuous dining table;
  10. Invest in a hydromassage column for the shower and not in good windows;
  11. waste square meters in a tiny room just to have one more room (totally useless);
  12. Bathrooms with excess towel racks;
  13. An bad distribution of switches and outlets around the house, both by excess and by default

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