Interior increases security of the Jewish community and other sensitive points after the Hamas attack on Israel

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He Ministry of Interior The security of the Jewish community and other sensitive points in the country has increased in Spain after the Hamas attack on Israel this Saturday and the response ordered by the authorities of this country against those in the the Gaza Strip have been able to order this terrorist action.

Police sources informed Servimedia that, after Saturday’s attack, surveillance has been increased in Spanish territory over certain points, which includes synagogues and other Jewish interests, such as the Israeli embassy.

At the same time, the King condemned this Monday “with all firmness” this weekend’s terrorist attacks against Israel and called for “doing everything possible” to avoid “greater suffering, destruction, hopelessness and the loss of more human lives” in middle East.

For his part, the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has also “roundly” condemned the attacks against Israel. At the same time, the acting Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Albareshas confirmed that there are two citizens of Spanish nationality (Iván Illarramendi and Maya Villalobo) missing after the Hamas offensive on Saturday.

All of this occurs in a context in which Spain is at level 4 of anti-terrorist alert, as agreed on June 26, 2015. That decision was made based on a “threat assessment report” prepared after the jihadist attacks. of those dates in France, Tunisia, Kuwait and Somalia.

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