Intermittent fasting, the solution to lose weight permanently?


Intermittent fasting, which is it?

Intermittent fasting, the solution to lose weight permanently?© Istock

the intermittent fastingcalled "fasting"In Anglo-Saxon countries, it consists in not eating anything during certain selected periods. It is not a diet, but rather a way of feeding, which makes it possible to return to a rhythm more natural for the body. The period of fasting lasts longer than that during which one can eat.

"We are not meant to feed ourselves during the day, the digestive system needs rest", Explains Romain Vicente, naturopath and author of I fast! (Eyrolles ed.) Also remember that at the moment prehistoricmen did not eat three meals a day, as their meals depended mainly on harvesting and hunting.

There are several methods intermittent fasting. the 16/8 it is skipping breakfast or dinner, so as not to swallow during a 16-hour beach. An 8-hour window follows, during which we can eat. Others prefer to perform a fast of 24once or twice a week, or don't eat anything every other day.

The "warrior regime"It was created in 2001 by Ori Hofmekler, a former member of the Israeli Special Forces. This form of intermittent fasting involves following the habits of prehistoric warriors in their eating habits: it is therefore necessary to taste small portions of fruit is vegetables during the day, and only a large meal in the evening. the diet 5: 2 it can also be compared to intermittent fasting. It consists of alternating 5 days of normal feeding and 2 days of calorie restriction (600 kcal for men and 500 kcal for women).

Night fasting, or 16/8, is often the most popular method because simple put in place. Especially since you can start with a period of 12 hours or 14 hours of fasting, then increase it progressively. "During this period of time, the body can rest and take regenerate", Says the specialist." Doing without food allows you to no longer be under "infusion" of sugar permanently, and therefore to tap into fat. "


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