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Updated 09/06/2020 at 12:32 PM

The sign of CDF live, CDF HD, Stadium and Premium online It is the only one authorized to watch the matches of the Chilean National Championship which was resumed from the last week of August 2020, after it was more than 5 months away as a result of the pandemic for coronavirus. Here we tell you which links you should use and all the apps so that you do not miss any game of the Chilean tournament or also called the AFP Planvital National Championship. Today do not lose the superclassic of Chile between Colo Colo and the University of Chile from 12:00 hours (1:10 p.m. from Chile).

MORE | Via CDF Premium; U of Chile vs. Colo Colo LIVE and LIVE: Classic 2020 at the Nacional

CDF Live and CDF HD Premium: how to watch the matches of the National Championship today | VIDEO

Look at Esteban Paredes’ goal

Colo Colo vs U de Chile 2020: Esteban Paredes scores 1-0 in the Superclásico

Follow here minute by minute:

Here you can see CDF live and online

  1. Claro TV, CDF HD: Canal 189 CDF PREMIUM: Canal 190 (SD) y Canal 490 (HD)
  2. Movistar TV CDF HD: Canal 484 CDF PREMIUM: Canal 486 (SD) y Canal 896 HD)
  3. DirecTV CDF HD: Canal 632 CDF PREMIUM: Canal 631 (SD) y Canal 1631 (HD)
  4. TuVES HD CDF HD: Canal 505 CDF PREMIUM: Canal 504 (SD) y Canal 114 (HD)
  5. Entel TV HD CDF HD: Canal 220 CDF PREMIUM: Canal 242 (SD) y Canal 243 (HD)

What are the signs of CDF?

  • CDF HD: Broadcasts the most important sporting events in high definition. Here you can see the AFP Planvital National Championship, like the superclassic between Colo Colo and the U de Chile. Be careful, in case there are two teams fighting inch by inch in the Chilean League 2019, CDF transmits a match through this signal and adds a second signal in HD (CDF 2 HD) to transmit the rest.
  • CDF PREMIUM: Transmits live and exclusively all the meetings scheduled for the AFP Planvital National Championship. In addition, they carry out specials and analysis programs on the Chilean League.
  • CDF Stadium: CDF online signal. Here you can see all sporting events VIA STREAMING and access is through a subscription. You can see it from anywhere in the world.

See the schedule of the Chilean National Championship for today September 6

Sunday 06 September



Claudio Bravo is presented in Real Betis via CDF


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