INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL – Starfall in Punta Cana this weekend with Cana Dorada opening


The international Cana Dorada film festival opened its first edition this Thursday at the tourist pole of Capa Cana (this Dominican) with the vocation of serving as a bridge between the Latin American entertainment industry and the most important figures in the Hollywood film world.

The businesswoman Raquel Flores and the actor Fernando Colunga are the organizers of this event, which concludes this Sunday, with which they intend to start a dialogue and create opportunities for new projects between the producers and investors of the film, television and streaming industry “.

That is the idea that the different figures that tonight paraded through the “red carpet” have moved, in this case a water walkway, among them the Spanish actress Paz Vega.

“It seems to me a great initiative to unite talent with producers and actors so that projects come out of this festival, it is fantastic. In everything that is to support the industry, there you will see me,” he said when he attended the media upon his arrival at the hotel which hosts the festival

Especially excited were the presenters of the event, the Puerto Rican Zuleyka Rivera and his compatriot (of Argentine origin) Julián Gil.

The Puerto Rican “fascinates” this opportunity. “I make the representation of what the Latin is wanting to make an effort and want to show what his work is” in an initiative that, being closed to the public, fosters a “more intimate” environment among professionals in the seventh art.

“We have the visit of many people from the industry” that in these four days “we will be sharing ideas and projects”, promoting “job opportunities” and the possibility of “linking the Anglo market and the Latin market,” he told the press.

His partner as master of ceremonies during the festival said he was happy to “be part of this festival that I know will make history worldwide, being the presenter for me is a great honor.”

He highlighted “the primary function” of Cana Dorada as a driver of bridges between “European cinema, Arab cinema, Hindu cinema, cinema, obviously, American and our Latin countries. We are doing everything possible because this is a window for that,” he said.

The documentary “Santo Domingo” by the Dominican-Spanish director José Pintor (Pinky) has opened this first edition of the contest, a scripted production by the filmmaker himself and the Dominican journalist Huchi Lora.

When attending Efe upon his arrival at the inaugural gala, Pintor said that presenting a film like Santo Domingo at this festival “is important” since “what he seeks is to highlight the primacies” of the Dominican capital and “its importance in development of the new continent since the beginning. “

“Also because we touch the sensitive fiber of indigenous rights and the first defense of Human Rights with Montesinos’ speech. That this is presented in this scenario, where there are international actors and producers, is to raise awareness about this issue and highlight the importance of our country. I think it’s interesting, “he said.

The place that has been chosen for the screening of Santo Domingo and the rest of the films that are exhibited until January 20 is not a traditional auditorium, but an informal environment with chairs and armchairs has been created in a semi-open space where there is no shortage the popcorn to enjoy the seventh art in a relaxed atmosphere.



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