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International Theater Amsterdam (ITA) will be deleted from next spring’s programming to reduce the workload. Including the national tour of Of hoursthe reprise of the performance The magic mountain and a scheduled live stream of The year of the lobster don’t go through.

Adjustments are also made in the guest programming. 15 percent of planned activities are canceled or modified. According to the management, the decision was “not taken lightly”, they say in a statement.

“After the pandemic, ITA presented an ambitious program at the start of the 2022/2023 theater season. But the consequences of corona are still felt daily by the company and the organization, as in the entire sector,” ITA writes on the website.

In recent months, ITA has hired twenty new employees “despite the prevailing shortage on the labor market”. But there are still sixteen vacancies, mainly for technical positions.

According to the management, the adjustments create “space to continue to do the job well. The sustainable employability of personnel is the most important precondition for this.”

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