Internet – The Opera web browser has thought of meme fans

PostedJanuary 26, 2022, 06:27

The new version 83 of the software is equipped, among other things, with a meme generator with its screen capture tool.

Opera now offers a meme creation tool.


Internet users equipped with Opera 83 will be able to publish memes on the Web more easily. The new version of the web browser has indeed acquired a new feature integrated into its screen capture tool. This meme generator displays the screenshot with two black bands, on the upper and lower parts of the image, on which it is possible to add text. Something to delight fans of these images taken and declined en masse on social networks.

In addition, in order to catch up on the competition, Opera also comes with another useful feature that relates to video. This option, dubbed “Video detachment”, automatically deports a video played in a window outside the browser when the user changes tabs. The Norwegian publisher of Opera had already introduced a system that automatically transferred videos from videoconferencing services to a new pop-up window when the Internet user opened a new tab. Building on the success of this tool, they decided to automatically extend it to all videos on sites compatible with the so-called “Picture-in-Picture” display such as YouTube. But this novelty can of course be deactivated in the advanced settings, indicates Opera on his blog.


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