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On September 27th, the third phase of the “National Style New Wave” recruitment for the third phase of the song creation camp jointly initiated by Tencent Musicians under Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) and TME Music School was launched. The musical note interprets the Chinese style. While helping musicians gain multi-dimensional musical skills improvement through the group’s powerful platform ecology and high-quality resources, it also outputs more high-quality national style music works to the society, and conveys the love and love of Chinese excellent traditional culture to more people. confidence.

The content of the Tencent Musicians’ “National Style New Wave” Songwriting Camp is based on national style music, whether it’s national style + pop, national style + electronics, national style + hip-hop, or national style + rock, as long as it is national style. Combining wind and multiple music forms, you can log on to the official website of Tencent Musician Open Platform to sign up for the event. In addition, if you independently create a new creation for the “Three Mountains and Five Gardens”, you will have the opportunity to enter the Guofeng Creation Camp first.

Tencent Musicians’ creation camp series plan aims to provide young creators with one-stop professional knowledge and professional guidance. The “National Style New Wave” creation camp activities are divided into collection (September 27th-October 27th), selection (October 28th-October 30th), announcement of results (October 31st), creation camp (Early November) In four major stages, the conveners Xu Huanliang, Lin Qiao, Yinque Shilisting, Yike Xiaosong, and Zhu Qiang will be invited to personally guide musicians to polish their works; experts and scholars tell history and provide professional knowledge; Quyi masters and Well-known musicians presented their voices and cooperated to help complete the planning of the “National Style New Wave” creation camp and create high-quality albums.

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Different from the previous songwriting camp, this “national style new wave” creation camp will pioneer a new model, leading musicians to unite knowledge and action, and unite with the historical and cultural attractions of the “three mountains and five gardens” to explore the historical and cultural heritage; at the same time, it will also Open the IP of Three Mountains and Five Gardens for musicians to collect and create on the spot.

After selection, the top 30 musicians will be shortlisted for the songwriting camp, and the top 3 can also receive high cash prizes of 30,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan, and 10,000 yuan respectively. During the camp, musicians will not only have the opportunity to personally guide and polish their works, “Three Mountains and Five Gardens”, and listen to the history of experts and scholars, and cooperate and communicate with Quyi masters. In addition, musicians will have the opportunity to get super exposure on the three major platforms of QQ Music, Kugou Music, and Kuwo Music, as well as the opportunity to cooperate with the production team to jointly create high-quality albums.

Since the launch of the series of lyrics and music creation camps, Tencent musicians have continued to provide rich and professional support and reward policies to help musicians develop and support the rise of new voices in all directions. At present, the Song and Song Creation Camp has been held for three phases, the first two phases are “Bo Le Project” and “Hello, University Voice”. The “Bo Le Project” aims to discover true, warm and excellent songwriting works and talented songwriters, so that good lyrics and good voices collide with the most powerful musical works of this era. And “Hello, University Voice” provides a full range of dream-seeking stages for college students across the country, such as creation, singing, and performance, helping talented campus musicians “grow to fame”. The “National Style New Tide” creative camp will also provide participants with more rewards such as a champion dream fund of up to 30,000 yuan, and the joint super-strong traffic support of the three platforms. It is worth mentioning that on September 29, the Tencent Musician Platform also joined hands with Tencent Charity to launch the “2021 Little Red Flower Echo Music Season” event and launched the 4th Charity Creation Camp, soliciting outstanding original musicians Positive energy song works, let the light of music illuminate more corners.

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Interpret Chinese style with musical notes and interpret traditional culture with music. The “National Style New Wave” creation camp unearthed outstanding musicians to create national style songs. While providing inspiration and assistance to original musicians, meeting the diverse music needs of young people, it also provides innovative musical expressions of national style music. Pass on young people’s love for traditional culture and confidence in Chinese culture, and inject new vitality into the revival and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture.


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