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The last biographical production of the ‘Canal Caracol’ is’The Cacique’s son‘. The novel tells the private life and professional career of the deceased Martin Elijah, one of the most famous sons of Diomedes Diaz, who died in a traffic accident, in April 2017.

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The actor Milciades Cantillo is the one who plays the leading role and gives life to ‘Martín Elías’, a challenge that he assumed with great respect for the memory of the late singer.

In recent chapters ‘Tata’ appeared, a fictional character who will, apparently, be the definitive love of ‘Martín’, a role that is played by the actress Vivian Ossa, the current partner of Jerónimo Cantillo, Milciades’ brother.

According to the advances of the novel, in the next chapters, romantic scenes between Milciades and Vivian, in their respective characters, will be shown. Due to their performances, they both had to kiss on camera and even do some bed scenes.

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It was uncomfortable?

In some interviews in which they have referred to the issue, Milciades Cantillo has highlighted the professionalism of both in the scenes.

“Thank God they are both actors and understand the dangers of the trade and the respect that one has to have for co-workers”, he said in an interview for ‘Pulzo’, referring to what his brother and his wife Tania Roa had thought.

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The relationship between Jerónimo Cantillo and Vivian Ossa

Jerónimo Cantillo is remembered for his participation in productions such as ‘Los morales’, in which he played the role of the vallenato singer Kaleth morales, who passed away in 2005.

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In this production that was broadcast in 2017 by ‘Canal Caracol’, Jerónimo met Vivian Ossa, who played ‘July Cuello’, the artist’s partner in the novel. However, the love transcended off the screen and they began a romantic relationship in real life, which remains Until now.

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