INTERVIEW: About the New Europe of New Germany

Is the German government going to Europe a new German habar? Europe has suffered the worst migrant crisis since 2015. America is making milestones towards socialism. In armament, she will pass to Russia. The damaged Notre Dame Cathedral is being restored to commemorate environmentalism and social justice. And Boris Johnson quotes Lenin. The US is immediately the policy of the new German red-yellow-green government (the German nicknamed traffic lights), which will soon take over the EU presidency. What is Germany planning?

Let us dare to make more progress, the very title of her program. With the parafrz slogans of the French Revolution it will be progress towards vt freedoms, justice and sustainability. Contributing to this, the cheaper innovation, you need a legal cannabis for recreational people, or reducing the electoral age to 16. The end of the coal increased from the year 2038 to 2030, will increase the number of solar resources, four times the wind, and 2% of the country relate to building renewable resources. And it will strive to send environmental reforms abroad.

Illegal immigration will be reduced by improved immigration methods, legally uniting families, and the acceleration of the asylum process and all the difficulties and permits. On the other hand, it should facilitate the return of unjustified immigrants with the help of financial contributions to the trip, but without violent deportations, especially on a voluntary basis. As a result, immigration is likely to increase and re-emigrate. and a noble new arrest in migration and integration, as befits a modern immigrant country.

But the EU and the EU as the most likely to make progress towards the federal European state would Germany be the leader?

To this end, the new government may seek the introduction of qualified majority voting on foreign and security matters, which are still the responsibility of member states and require the unanimous consent of all. It is proposed to invest in climate change in the EU as a whole. The introduction of a Union-wide electoral system of Union-wide parties, which would run for the European Parliament directly, ie supranationally, unlike the current candidacy for national parties, is being implemented. The program also calls on the European Commission to reduce funding for countries that are not interested in the independence of the judiciary. Narka to Poland and Hungary, although unnamed.

Germany wants to push its new asylum policy into EU customs in the form of a fundamental reform of the asylum system with a fair distribution of responsibilities between member states. The EU spends € 16 billion on Frontex as part of external border policies. It should be noted that once someone is legal in Germany, they are legal in the EU.

Europe, meanwhile, is perhaps the worst migrant crisis this year since 2015. Ursula von der Leyenov also called it a hybrid stream to destabilize the EU. Probh on several fronts. Where is it delicious?

The most detailed information is about the Polish border with Belarus, where 7,000 people from the Middle Entrance flew in recent weeks and conquer military Poland. Those who get there, of course, proceed to, especially to Germany, but to Britain. The Irish government has started sending planes to repatriate its citizens, who are giving up, but thousands of others – including you Afghnc there hybrid hybrid dl.

Focusing on Poland has forgotten the catastrophic situation in the Canary Islands, where full of rubber dunes still float with hundreds of migrants daily, dark waves from sub-Saharan Africa. Over the past weekend, more than a thousand of them were on a thousand moons, 80 percent young. Migrant centers are multiple people.

After hundreds of weeks, they still sail to Italy, with 40% more in the Czech Republic this year than last year. France has consumed between 600 and 700,000 illegal immigrants in its country. No wonder Rda gets rid of them and calls on Britain to punish her for Brexit. It is a powerful magnet for our tough support in the form of a free stay in two-star hotels, free mobile phones and asylum seekers, plus a pocket money of £ 39 a week. Internet videos show crowds of French police officers idle and amused watching the migrants board their dorms and sail to England through the dry weather over the freezing water. If they drowned on the way, as happened, they will obviously be stolen from them. Free gangs are operating here, invading Iran with European citizenship, who earn hundreds of euros on migrants.

The Migration Watch institution first published a comprehensive study of immigration and the ethnic elephant of Britain, with a specification of the region and city. Based on the fact that the native population of British fleas has shrunk to 79 percent. The least native is London with 43 percent.

According to the university, the university is still receiving huge financial donations from Islamic countries and now. According to a reere institution called the Center for Social Cohesion, Cambridge first negotiated a £ 400 million subsidy from Arab emirts. Oxford got 155 million from some Vietnamese conglomerate (that’s no joke). Imperial College London 14.5 million from Huawei. But the largest settlements in British universities are the Islamic countries, which have donated 750 million (1996: Sadsk Arbie 188 million) to them and have guaranteed Islam a new age, hence indoctrination. We recently saw the result at the London School of Economics, where an Israeli ambassador was beaten by a student crowd and had to be taken to safety by security guards.

The American path to socialism continues in full swing as a Soviet communist, with her help, Biden’s Build Back Better program resembles a socialist socialist economy. What does this actually mean in practice?

The Build Back Better program is similar, just another name, to Great Reset, which came from Davos from the World Economic Fra. It means literally rebuilding lpe. Biden pushed it to the end and contains various local subsidies for the operation of the residual tax, and you also liquidate some industrial projects found to be unecological, such as the northern gas pipeline, with them coming about the work of tens of thousands of people. that the whole transformation of America is in the heart of Marxism, the Biden administration confirmed by placing this former Soviet communists in women’s public finances. Her name is Seule Omarova, a native of Kazakhstan, and a graduate of Moscow University, where she studied Marxist economics. She emigrated to the USA in 1991 and studied political science there. He proposes the democratization of pensions and the financial economy through a comprehensive reform of the systematic function of the budget balance as a basis for the remodeling core of modern financial architecture, ie the democratization of access to pensions and the control of the financial flows of the national economy. In simple and understandable language, this means greater control over what constitutes a pension, from the financial sector and the national economy to health care, the community, the media and culture.

How does Build Back Better manifest itself in you?

Biden’s law the BBB allocates grants of more than $ 2 billion to support local copper, which in practice means those who support the Democratic Party. Like you, the Washington Post and various local newspapers and radio stations are able to influence the election in favor of the Democrat.

Does this also apply to the Internet, which is the stubborn trumpet of the Democratic Party so ostensibly that it censored Trump when he was president, and still erases manifestations of trumpisism and similar populism?

There probably won’t be any financial support, their operators are billions, so don’t need it. But Big Tech, as for the main social forces, has a headache with some freedom of speech, Parag Arawal told a new Twitter, just to be heard with this: We are focusing on what is true or false. Many of them are monodes caused by a certain content on a platform without a proper context. Our role is not in the first supplement, it is important to have a healthy public conversation, and one picture in which we know that they will lead to a healthy public conversation. We also focus on thinking about freedom of speech, and how things have changed.

Let us remind you that the First Amendment of the American States guarantees freedom of speech. It’s not about Twitter and the like at all?

And don’t even be ashamed to admit it.

Such censorship as emen?

She’s been on Twitter for a few years. Let’s remember that Twitter was one of the main drivers of the anti-Trump campaign, including Trump from cooperation with Russia, which proved to be lured by the Clinton crank. Twitter never apologized. To censor, use a new algorithmic disinformation detector called Fabula, which communicates in London and works on artificial intelligence, identifying and erasing information according to what the media who use it, set it as true or false.

How the Democratic Party intended to demarcate America is confirmed by the city council of New York by proposing to grant the first election of 800,000 immigrants without American citizenship.

The political correctness and Marxist ideology of the Black Lives Matter extended to the Catholic Church. Catholic University of America exhibited the image of a piety, depicted by Byzantine icons, on Madonna, Ph.D.

America, meanwhile, is armed with not only Russia, but also Russia, which began to be touted as technologically lagging behind. How bad is the USA and us with nm?

New and Russian weapons technology demonstrated in recent weeks surprised even the most alert American military experts in the early days of American military superiority, so today they are invalid. However, the future of the wolf moves into space, especially into Earth orbit. In November, the Russians fired a rocket at the orbit to eliminate the old obsolete satellite and it crushed it into a thousand steppes. But where does he go for it, which in such missiles to break the satellite the whole series, even with tentacles that the satellites can grab and clean. Next to them I have laser technology capable of blocking satellite communications. The United States’ strategic strategy is that one day Russia, in the name of Russia, could grind and blind all of NATO’s satellite communications and cripple the entire world’s communications. In addition, they also developed a Russian hypersonic pilot’s stela and twenty times the speed of sound, with a precise range from launch to range, the ability to change flight in flight, an unrecognizable bottom tracking device and an unattainable bottom body. She tested one such stela a few weeks ago. She circled the entire planet and accelerated in front of the duty.

Also, the fact that one Statenian dissident filmed and published the atrocities of eighteen German concentration camps in Xinjang Province will probably not be a big deal in one of them?

Cynically eeno. But I guess we won’t hear about the human elements from the politicians, they won’t change anything about them, and when they hit the bubble, they’ll shut up. We should keep a close eye on how our satellite technology, like Huawei, can take over.

The damaged strip of Notre Dame Cathedral will be renovated as a dedication of environmentalism and social justice, with references to African and Asian cultures, so that even non-Catholics can become known. Who the hell thought of it and what would it look like?

Apparently no one thought of it for God’s sake, but for some good the sake of mankind, Bh in his former stall cuts out. Where will each chapel be consecrated? some kind of social justice. One will serve the environment, give the dark to African and Asian. There will be a total of 14 of them and they will be a discovery trail along some way. dn olte, confessional, pulpit, holy water, church statues and paintings. Instead, various texts are translated on the walls in various languages, including English and Arabic. Disneyland-style theme park, he sighed over the dark city parish.

And Boris Johnson vn quoted Lenin? Not Lennon?

Lenina, psahm. When my businessman represented his green, the fully built Back Back Better was not as fully Marxist as Biden, but certainly not conservative, and definitely a green revolution. He told them, probably quite stunned, this: Lenin once said that the communist revolution is the power of the Soviets and the electrification of the whole country. Our pichzejc industry revolution is the power of green plus the electrification of the whole country.

Could that be a joke that day?

Nothing better this time.

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Asked by Martin Huml, PL, 2.12.2021

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