INTERVIEW: Biden, USA and Afghnistn

The Afghan military debacle, the disgrace of the US military, the embarrassing president of all but one, the missing vice president, the exchanged foreign minister. Thousands of American and European civilians are trapped in Afghanistan, while Americans transport tens of thousands of Africans to the United States. The collapse of NATO’s credibility, the betrayal of the Allies and the Afghan army. Encouraged by Islamic terrorism, Kodolib rejoiced not to fall. Hundreds of refugees laughing in Europe. It is important to decide which question. Is it fair to take the debacle entirely to the Afghan army, which has surrendered or fled and left the American army with a loud evening, as Biden did?

Nen. We remember that the sweat collapsed after the Americans stopped air support and turned off communications, providing basic information, such as your position as a force department. Without warning allies, the Amerians disappeared in the middle of the night from strategically following military and air depots. We also remember that in those twenty years of intervention, almost 70,000 Afghan troops fell, compared to two and a thousand Americans and hundreds of Britons or Frenchmen and plates from those smaller armies. Also for this year about the Afghan army, Biden got it easily from the British. Boris Johnson lamented the way he was dealing with Trump. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair called Biden an idiot. Biden has received the most critical criticism from conservative MP Tugendhat, who served in Afghanistan, first as a soldier and then as an adviser to Afghan politicians. He said this to Biden’s address: It was a shame to watch the commander-in-chief denigrate his wealth, and to say that they fled. Those who have never fought for the colors of their homeland should be careful in criticizing those who fought.
Tugendhat thus highlighted the failure of the United States, which had turned from a major armor of democracy into an unreliable ally. And he called for the closer cooperation of all Europeans, not only NATO, but also Japan and Australia, to work together to defend the line. And to ensure that we do not rely on one ally and the decision of one leader.

The British thus distinguished themselves by the evacuation and further evacuation of their citizens, even deep from the body of the enemy. How does that compare to the Americans?

They sent special SAS units and one of them, during one evacuation with a plane, the pistol in the middle of the handcuffs and started again. They helped civilians get to fly to the kbulsk and took away not only the Americans, especially Britons, but also several Americans. At one point in an absurdity illustrating the moral collapse of the US Army, the US commander put the British in order to keep the British from trying so hard to put the Americans in a shameful situation. The British commander sent him to hell. But the most shameful thing about the whole American evacuation is that the soldiers left thousands of their civilians there, who will not be able to liberate them all by the date of August 31, which the peasants gave them. They set out to harshly persecute Afghan pro-collaborators and people who succumbed to the temptations of secularism and a declining lifestyle. He suggests that life there is drilling into the center, in which he was found before the intervention. And in it, nboent fanatics will do with the inhabitants what they like, as the most fanatical interpreters allow them to do.

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Does this call into question the very existence of NATO, as some of the comments here consider?

On the contrary, at this point in time, exactly what Tugendhat calls for: to coordinate the military strategy of all Europeans in NATO should be done. But this time he can also cooperate with the Asian allies. First of all, India, which Tugendhat forgot to name, and which is many times better armed in Europe and is the closest of all allies. Her numerous Muslim name day in Tlibna will encourage aggression. Especially Tlibn gives him long-term support Pkistnu and nov i rnu.

This is where the debate of Czech politicians about Afgnc intensifies. To accept or not to accept? And when, so how? And how to know who is who?

Those who had a legal stay in the Czech Republic, or even citizenship and a Czech family, and were from Czech well-being to Afghanistan allowed in the Czech military mission, must be as much as any Czech citizen. Those who know and work with them have to decide on a small sweat to find help in Afghanistan. There are plates, not hundreds. And is it right to quarantine and drone for a while, or to lustrate today? After their drink ct, what kaj Rakuan: Afghnc u mme enough.

Only the EU promotes the drinking of large pots, others are drinking thousands of them, who will give who and a million will soon push the European borders through Turkey, the Mediterranean Sea and, most recently, Belarus. What about them?

Europe will now have to decide between helping foreign people or saving their lives. By destroying itself, no one will lose, economic, political, security and cultural collapse, which would lead to unrestricted continued immigration, in the end to the detriment of those who fled here in good times and good ownership. with a sentence and radical and you and the time militarily trained dihdist. Countries like France, Germany, Belgium have been decisive for several years and lose. Afghnc is over a million dogs in Europe today. Most of them are healthy men of military age. Take on the sweat of violence, in Austria on the wind. How many of them are recruited on dihd and how many of them are going to be recruited, no one can thank and they can’t even guess. Once new ones arrive in Europe, they will be undeportable, because the Afghanist has become a life-threatening land.

Take co s nimi?

A few years ago, I was arguing about the formation of refugee camps, where they would be provided with basic security, college education, and you and the knees of crafts and professions, and some of them would immediately work for you. But from where they could not rush nsiln other. Somewhere on the European edge, for example on some of the hundreds of Mediterranean islands. However, this would require customs and financial support as well as personal assistance from the whole of Europe. And to lustrate who is actually a political or nboensk refugee with a first refuge, who a beer and who a dihdist. President Zeman then proposed the idea at an international conference, and the Czech media scolded him for racism. Did anyone in any debate think about how you want to introduce a concentration camp? I answered not a concentrate, but a pioneer. And the horse should also have a funeral home and a chain, including their collaborators from a number of non-governmental organizations operating ships in Stedomo.
But it should be clear that this day the European state cannot do this. We must all help to strengthen Europe’s external borders, both in the Czech Republic and in which the Baltic States and Poland are involved. I do not know how many politicians are aware of how enormous risk Europe is.

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Is it a consequence of the decay of democracy by military intervention, such as Ireland, Sri Lanka and Libya before?

Of course, as we grow with us, we will gain the ability to arm Europe. Debating whether or not to go there, and how long it should and should not stay, is the case with an organic dead horse and a spill over spilled milk. But don’t go for a long time and focus all your strategies on defending Europe. Transfer the entire structure of NATO’s European team to it, and we know that it is not relying on America. Take a look at how it goes next: compulsory military training and lasting defensive readiness of the militia. It will change not only to the external borders, but also to internal security in the presence of dihdist groups within Europe. I don’t really understand how decisive politicians and soldiers don’t really realize it when it’s clear to an ordinary scribe like me.

So how do we act when, for example, first in Afghanistan, compete, arm and prepare terrorist organizations such as Al-Qida or ISIS, and organize flows from there in Europe?

American furnaces have a perfect satellite tracking system that can accurately track their storage and hit them with long stilts. Trump showed it when he slammed the Russian terrorist commander during the invasion of Baghdad. Rusov umj tot s eenci. The British and French also have such a thing. There is no need for American and European soldiers to die there, in order to risk the lives of our civilians building an unbuildable democracy there.

According to some, at first, the resistance against Tlibn did not end completely. Someone stle brn?

Brno was relatively impregnable by the province of Pandr in the foothills of Hinduk, on which the Soviets broke their teeth. There, before the peasants, one of the young generals of the Afghan army named Ahmad Masd, the son of the legendary military leader Ahmad ha Masda, famous for his wolves against the Sovtm and then against Tlibn and Al-Kid, fled. Vice President Amrullh Saleh also got there and gave the soldiers a prank. the ground is full of jest and easy to armor, so Tlibn won’t get there right away, but how long it will last without extensive contact with the world cannot be estimated. But if someone is wrong with someone’s fate, I can help someone. Europe could help you with a board of healthy local Afghns into the liberation legions, train them as paratroopers and send them with armaments to Pander. But that’s sp about fr.

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What about America after this debacle?

Biden’s government and anyone out of the skies of the year led America to dismantle what could have made it respected, admired, or feared, because it was strong, creative, and professional. The Afghnsk debacle is the culmination of this and he deserves contempt from his nephews. Marriage and the irresponsibility of this government would look for an equivalent in others. Tlibn did not control the whole country, Biden fooled around, when he occupied most of the land near Tlibn. We succeeded in our duties, said Foreign Minister Blinken. We don’t know how many Americans are in Afghanistan, Jake Sullivan was not ashamed. And Vice President Harrisov was missing for a week, not on holiday in Vietnam. The greatest betrayal remained in Afghanistan in the form of a list of Afghan collaborators, as in Tlibn, who is also punished. Saigon repeat song.

The result is that America and its nephews grow brt vn. We can expect the intensified aggression of ny, russia and rnu. anm afghnsk debacle provided reassurance that soon they would be able to marry taiwan as they married hong kong. Activate as a major terrorist organization. They get to America unchecked among statisticians of migrants through the unseen Mexican border. This almost confirms the suspicion that some Americans make: Is it really just a political incompetence, or a perfectly executed measure leading the progressive clique to destroy the United States?

How will this affect ms?

Of course we can do it too. f Tlibnu nm promised him right away: Dihd will not stop until he has mastered the whole world. The Afghnsk debacle has moved the world towards chaos, wolves and the victory of totalitarian regimes.

Obscured by this tragedy, has anything else happened to go anywhere else?

We can find something comical in this tragedy. Promisingly, as a new Afghan government, the government was committed to the first authorities and the fight against narcotics.

Comedy Elsewhere: Camebridgesk University in its Archaeological Museum certifies sdrov ancient statues with signs stating that their blob is misleading and that this does not mean that Greece has a lack of diversity.
The anti-racist union of the Welsh Ministry of Culture called Weltin the language of blocs of enthusiasm by discriminating against ethnic minorities (who do not understand it and do not want to learn it). Welanm took centuries, not allowed by the Anglians, they would probably forbid it themselves.
And to be shackled is a speech, the pope said.

Asked by Martin Huml, PL, 8/26/2021

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